Prehensile Power Cable Lets You Charge Your iPhone Anywhere




As ever with many of Quirky’s excellent crowd-sourced designs, the Prop Power Pro inspires me to make my own. I’m pretty sure a regular extension cable plus a bendy wire coat-hanger plus a length of flexible tubing would do the trick. The thing is, by the time I’d bought all the parts (plus a roll of gaffer tape), I’d be in the hole for way more than the $25 Quirky want for its version.

There’s not much to say about the Prop Power Pro that isn’t apparent from the pictures. It’s a two-gang extension cable with a flexible section that can be wrapped around anything you have to hand, from a ladder to a chair leg to the neck of a nearby dog (warning: do not wrap anything around the neck of a nearby dog). This puts the power outlets close to hand (especially useful if you’re up a ladder, but also keeps the non-waterproof part of the cable off the damp ground when you’re using it outdoors.

Are you wondering why the hell this thing is in the pages of Cult of Mac, and not on some DIY site? Not me! I need somewhere to charge my iPhone when I’m up a tree lopping off dangerously-hanging limbs after the current hurricanes raging across Europe.

Available now.

Source: Quirky