Switchable Data/Power Lightning Cable For Safer Charging




In the market for a new Lightning cable for on-the-go charging purposes? Then consider the awkwardly-named “8-pin Lightning Data Sync (iTune) Blocker” from USB Fever. Not only is is like about a third of the price of Apple’s own cable, but it comes with a switch on the wire that’ll let you plug your iDevice into any charging hole without worrying that it’s going to suck out your data of pump it full of filthy malware.

iOS 7 is a lot better than previous iOSs in that you have to explicitly tell your iPhone or iPad that you trust the computer you’ve just plugged it into before it’ll allow any kind of connection other than for charging. But physical access is physical access, and poking delicate things into unknown orifices is never a good idea without a little protection.

Enter the $8 cable from USB Fever. It’s a meter long (39-inch) cable that comes in black or white and has a switch in the middle so you can turn off the data connections leaving just the power hookups. This makes no difference if all you;re doing is plugging your iDevice into a wall socket with your own charger, but if you’re plugging it into any strange USB port then you might appreciate its prophylactic properties.

Available now.

Source: USB Fever