Mr. Reader Updated With iOS 7 Background Updating


mr reader 3


Mr. Reader, the best RSS news reader app for the iPad, is now fully iOS 7-ready, letting me (finally!) get the last non iOS 7 app out of my dock. As you’d expect, it now looks great, and adds a few neat new features.

Mr. Reader is top of my list because of its amazing support for external services. These days, you only read RSS feeds in a reader app if you’re a nerd, or a journalist, or both. And this means that you want to chop up and share any interesting news you might find. Mr. Reader’s developer, Oliver Fürniß (that’s Fuerniss spelled in non-German), long ago stopped trying to keep up with all the sharing services out there and built a system to let users add their own, using a kind of internal URL scheme.

The app also plays well with other iOS apps thanks to the same sharing options.

Now, the app has gotten a nice, smooth iOS 7 makeover, keeping the old layout that worked so well but giving it some polish. The biggest new feature is background updating (off by default) which lets the app update feeds periodically in the background so they’re ready to read as soon as you open the app.

I have it switched on for purposes of testing (and curiosity), but really Mr. Reader’s syncing, even over 3G, is so fast that I’m not sure I’ll need it.

Mr. Reader 3.0 is a free upgrade for existing users, and a mere $4 for noobs. Go get it now.

Source: iTunes