Unlock The Gate, A New Card/RTS Mashup From American McGee


The Gate

Spicy Horse Games (Akaneiro), the studio spearheaded by American McGee (American McGee’s Alice), and DeNA (owner of mobile games studios Mobage and ngmoco;), announced today that iOS game The Gate is now ready in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Originally titled Hell Invaders, The Gate is an innovative mashup of a game that brings a digital collectible card game together with the fun of a real-time strategy (RTS) game into one beautiful package.

Digital collectible card games are all the rage lately, with variants on the formula from Might & Magic, Order & Chaos, and World of Warcraft all vying for player attention, time, and money. These games bring in money via micro transactions, and of course contain the lure of finding the perfect rare card in digital packs that mimic real card booster packs you might find at comic or gaming shops around the world.

The Gate is a free-to-play game for iOS that blends the RTS and card-battling elements with the dark stylings of American McGee, who lives and works in Shanghai these days with his company, Spicy Horse Games. If you’ve had the pleasure of playing Alice or Grimm, both hit PC games from McGee, you’ll instantly recognize the tone here.

You’ll command a battalion of disciples, training them to send into battle against demons from hell in gothic-influenced battle arenas. The battles take place in a full three dimensions while the card interfaces look as detailed and hand-painted as they come.

“Our team at Spicy Horse has eagerly been awaiting the moment when The Gate could be opened to the outside world,” said American McGee in a press release. “The day of release is upon us and we can now see if all this awesome artwork, haunting music and fantastic gameplay were really worth selling our souls to the devil.”

The Gate is available for free from the App Store now, so go give it a look.

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