iTunes Store Glitch Frustrating Holiday Buys




iTunes users across the country are reporting an issue Apple ID being unable to log them into iTunes to make purchases or access previous purchased. A wave of Apple customers have taken to the online support forums over the past 12 hours to complain about a that is preventing users from being able to log in to iTunes.

When trying to sign in to the iTunes Stores the bug pitches back an error that reads “FATAL::Unable to process your request. Please try again.” Unfortunately the error isn’t limited to just desktop iTunes users, as many iPad and iPhone owners are having the same sign in problems. 

The entire Cult of Mac staff checked our devices and everything seems fine here, but there’s a long Apple support forum thread of people claiming everything isn’t peachy, with other threads popping up in other categories as well. One forum user said Apple Support claimed they were aware of the server issue on their end, while others received a lot more resistance from Apple’s support staff.

MacLife reports that they’ve also experienced the issue, first on their iPad only but then the Fatal Error began to appear on their Mac as well.  Affected users say that so far password resets haven’t helped in the slightest bit, while Apple’s Services status page currently states that there are no known issues or outages as of 8:45AM PST.

Apple has yet to address the issue but we’ve reached out for comment and will update you with more info when it’s available.

Source: Apple

Image: MacLife