Google Wallet Now Scans Credit Cards With iPhone Camera




Great news for corrupt restaurant employees and criminal scum everywhere: you can now use the latest Google Wallet app to skim credit cards right into your iPhone. In theory at least. And without actually recording the magnetic strip. But “Google Wallet update allows easy addition of credit cards using the iPhone camera” doesn’t have the same link-baiting ring to it. So scum and villainy it is.

Google Wallet is best described by Google’s own “about” page:

Google Wallet is a free service that lets you securely store your payment information, transaction history, offers and more. Everything’s synced to the cloud – giving you one wallet on any device you use, for in-store and online shopping.

This is either amazing or terrifying, depending on your level of paranoia. I have been systematically quitting Google services over the last few months, so you can guess where I come on that scale. Then again, I use cash for most transactions, so I really can’t be trusted.

Then latest update lets you scan your cards using the iPhone’s camera, adding the card number and expiration date to your Wallet. This should be pretty accurate, seeing as the lettering on cards is machine readable, and that Google’s computers could kick Skynet’s ass in a fight.

As ever, the app is free. If you consider giving Google the ability to track your every purchase to be “free.”

Source: iTunes