Hub Accepts USB Plugs In Any Direction



Yesterday’s biggest news – the biggest I tell you – was the announcement of a new USB plug that can be stuck into its hole any way you like, eliminating one of the many frustrations of USB connectors. But that plug won’t be available until 2014, and will doubtless be ruined by some stupid design decision along the way.

But fret not, dear frustrated USB user, because you can have your USB two-way today, in the form of this Buffalo USB hub.

As you can see in the video, the hub not only offers four welcoming orifices into which any USB plug can be shoved, in any orientation, but its own plug can be pushed into any regular USB port with equal abandon. As one of the comments on the YouTube video says, “they fixed USB.”

Ho much for this “black magic”? ¥ 1,806, or around $18.

Source: Buffalo
Via: Tapbot_Paul