Numerity Is The Most Baffling Game I’ve Played In A While [Review]



I almost wrote off Numerity.

Numerity by Zedarus Games
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99 (promotional price down from $1.99)

After about 10 minutes with the hidden-number game, I thought it was ridiculously easy and almost insulting. All the game was doing was showing me numbers, and then I’d find them in the onscreen jumble and tap them until they formed a picture of Charlie Chaplin or Marilyn Monroe. It took about a minute for each puzzle, and I was ready to give it up then and there.

But then some weird things started happening.

Things were about to get complicated.

Suddenly, I wasn’t just receiving numbers. Sometimes, the bubble popped up with two numbers I had to add together. The next set of puzzles included subtraction. The puzzles began to rotate. The numbers got smaller and the pictures became more intricate and complex.

It started to get difficult.

It becomes more challenging than it has any real right to be.

The hint system, which I’d laughed at at first, suddenly became appealing. I started spending some of the coins I received for completing other puzzles to let the game show me the general area where I could find my numbers.

I did not spend coins to have the game solve those math problems for me, though. I could handle that on my own, thank you.

So, Numerity tricked me. It takes the simple concept of every hidden object game ever and then throws more and more hurdles in front of you. It makes you work, and eventually, it becomes more challenging than it has any real right to be.

NumerityGame Name: : Numerity
The Good: Interesting, deceptively challenging concept with a cool visual style.
The Bad: Creation of pictures becomes fairly incidental, and the rotating field made me queasy after a while.
The Verdict It’s a surprising twist on hidden-object games that will make you do math in your head. For shame.
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