Inbox Cube Adds A Big Visual Kick To Your iPhone Email [Daily Freebie]




Since there are relatively few good alternatives to the iPhone’s stock Mail app, a newcomer to the group usually sparks our curiosity and interest; what’s the cool new spin? Will we actually use it? Will we use it enough that it eventually replaces the Mail app on our home screen?

In the case of attachment-obsessed newcomer Inbox Cube, the answers are fun, yes and possibly.

Inbox Cube hits you with pizzaz and color right out of the box. Bright, colorful letters representing the first letter of each email’s sender light up your inbox. Emails can be swiped through without having to swipe back to the inbox between each email; here the app mimics its name, as each swipe to the next email is accompanied with a cool, cube-like animation.

The app is also a good choice for attachment-heavy inboxes. Along the bottom of the home screen is a button that allows you to view many of the attachments — most image formats, videos, PDFs and even Office docs — in your inbox, displayed in a flowing, flickable column; then tap an attachment and it takes center stage. It’s a really cool effect that turns your inbox into a kind of adventure — in a good way.

The other major feature of Inbox Cube is its ability to sort emails by sender. While you could create more or less the same effect simply by searching Mail for a sender’s email address or name, Inbox Cube sorts all senders clearly, and even adds their associated images to the list.

Inbox Cube will work with Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL or any other IMAP account, though it’s not compatible with POP accounts. Check out the video here.

Source: Inbox Cube