Waterproof iPhone 5S Case Lets You Keep Using Touch ID



The Atlas ID is a waterproof case for your iPhone 5S that lets you use the Touch ID sensor even while the iPhone is in the case (although both you finger and the button cover need to be dry for it to work). However, you can still use the regular unlock when the screen is wet, and you’ll be having so much fun snapping underwater picks that you won;t care anyway.

I have an Atlas ID here on my desk, ready to review, and it is both light and tough. I can also confirm that it’s a lot easier to operate the home button in this case that in many rugged but non-waterproof cases, although you can’t actually feel the click.

The blurb tells us that the case is good for down to two meters (six and a half feet), is dust proof and weighs just over two ounces (around 60 grams). It also offers buttons to control volume, sleep and even mute, and there’s an (included) accessory extension for using headphones whilst keeping the iPhone safe inside.

The case is available now and will cost you $90.

Source: Incipio

  • TheMacGuy

    So, its a higher priced ripoff of the Lifeproof iPhone 5s case. And yes, the Lifeproof 5S case does allow you to use TouchID.