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Bokeh Lifeblogging App Shares Memories A Day At A Time



Bokeh is an iPhone app (and web service) for easily “lifeblogging” your photos and thoughts. And because nobody but you really cares about the mundane details of your days, Bokeh can be used as a private diary, too, albeit a private diary that you access via the web. So what’s the gimmick? What sets Bokeh apart from all the other lifeblogging apps out there? It has a great calendar view, making it easy to browse and zero-in on the exact memory you forgot.

Bokeh is one of those words that existed forever without anyone knowing it, and then all of a sudden it’s everywhere. Other examples are skeuomorphism and depth-of-field (this last usually being mis-used almost as badly as the word random).


But in this case the Bokeh app has nothing to do with the quality of the out-of-focus highlights in your pictures, and everything to do with you. You you you. You create entries by snapping a photo and adding some words, and then that entry is whisked off to the Bokeh servers, ready for the world (or nobody, depending on your privacy settings) to see.

You can add a time delay so folks won;t know you were out at a bar last night until you wake up with a hangover the next morning, and unlimited storage means you never have to worry about running out of space before the free app either folds or is bought up by some big company like Facebook.

But the killer is the calendar view, which lets you drill down and view your pictures and memories by looking at a regular calendar. I probably wouldn’t use such an app to record my humdrum days of skydiving, scuba diving and mountain biking down the faces of skyscrapers (pro tip: buy good brakes). But if I was taking a long trip I might use this for recording and sharing it. Which makes me think that this app would be great with multiple users, letting a group of people submit pictures of a weekend-long event, for example.

Bokeh is free, and is available now for the iPhone.

Source: Bokeh
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