PayPal Starts Selling iTunes Gift Cards


Apple gift cards
You can't go wrong with gift cards.
Photo: Apple

PayPal has been making a creep into gift cards lately, announcing just a week ago that it would start accepting prepaid gift cards as a form of payment online. Now it’s going even further, launching a digital gifts store where you can buy iTunes Gift Cards and, for now, only iTunes Gift Cards.

PayPal announced its new Digital Gifts store this way:

What is PayPal Digital Gifts? It is a store that will give people the chance to purchase digital gift cards from a host of our partner merchants. We have one marquee merchant in the store today and will be adding more very soon!

That one marquee merchant, obviously, is Apple. Using PayPal, you can purchase iTunes Gift Cards in $50 and $100 denominations, at no discount over retail. $15 and $25 cards used to be available, but they’ve already sold out.

I suppose this makes it easier for people who rely upon PayPal’s one-click ordering to get iTunes cards, but right now, it’s a bit of an underwhelming development. PayPal promises, though, that in the future, not only will it be offering deals on some of its digital gifts, but introduce other sellers as well.

Source: PayPal
Via: AppAdvice