Get Home Safe This Holiday Season With The BACtrack S35 Breathalyzer [Deals]



Need a fast, discreet way to determine when you’ve had too much to drink or put a number on all of your inebriated muscle flexing?

The BACtrack S35 breathalyzer is small enough to keep in your pocket, and accurate enough to keep your keys there as well, if necessary. As one of the smallest, sleekest breathalyzers on the market – it also delivers reliable blood alcohol estimates in just five seconds. And Cult of Mac Deals has The BACtrack S35 breathalyzer for 57% off during this limited time offer – only $29.99!

Please note: This offer is only available to customers in the continental US (Canadian customers see ‘Ship To’ above ‘Buy Now’ button). The sale price includes shipping and all sales are final.

You get all the quality found in high-end breathalyzers at a much more affordable price. Extremely easy to use (important if you’re pushing a BAC higher than 0.08), and incredibly accurate – this thing is a steal at this price point. Monitoring your BAC is one of the best ways to maintain a responsible, healthy lifestyle.

Here are the top features of the BACtrack:

  • RELIABLE: Advanced semiconductor sensor provides trusted results
  • EDUCATE YOURSELF: Learn how your body processes alcohol and always make smart, informed decisions
  • POCKET-SIZED: Ultra-portable design and unmistakable, palm-of-hand feel
  • HYGIENIC: Three optional mouthpieces also included for multiple users.
  • WIDE TEST RANGE: Results displayed from 0.00–0.40 %BAC.

Now BACtrack and Cult of Mac Deals don’t condone drinking and driving ever – but we can proudly stand behind a device that educates people and enables them to make safer, more informed decisions.

So get yourself a BACktrack for just $29.99 from the Deals page today!