Secure Dropbox Alternative Jottacloud Adds Camera Uploads




Jottacloud, the “Norwegian Dropbox,” has added automatic photo uploads to its iOS apps. This means that you can not only access your desktop files on the go, but you can also backup and browse your mobile photos, too. Better still, it backs up all you pictures, not just your Camera Roll.

I found out about Jottacloud when I was looking for Dropbox alternatives outside the U.S. Because the company and servers are in Norway, the whole service is away from the clutches of the U.S government’s secret police state, and this means that your private data won’t be willingly shared with the NSA[1].

Adding camera uploads is a great addition, and in my testing so far (a few months with the free 5GB account) Jottacloud works great, just like Dropbox. The only thing that keeps me from switching completely is that Dropbox is already integrated with pretty much everything I use, and Jottacloud isn’t. And that probably won’t change.

Jottacloud is free for up to 5GB, and you can either buy unlimited plans per device ($3 per month for mobile, $6 for desktop) or pick an limited plan which is shared between all devices (from $1.70 per month for 20GB to $29.20 for 500GB)

UPDATE Dec 03 2013: Jottacloud CEO Roland Rabben got in touch to say that the unlimited plan for iOS is now just $1.70 per month.

Source: Jottacloud

  1. The NSA could still attempt to hack your stuff, but as it’s as lazy as you or I, that’ll probably never happen.  ↩
  • Seraphiel

    Jottacloud might not be cooperating with NSA but Almost all Norwegian communication lines are tapped by the Swedish version of the NSA. And they might be (most likely) cooperating with the NSA. The Norwegian government is itself also very keen on tapping data and they recently made known, that they do work together with the NSA. In the end it doesn’t really matter where you put your data. One way or another it’s going to sniffed up by whatever government. It’s maybe more important that you put your data already encrypted on cloud-services so you only are able to access your data on your own devices that have the decryption key.