DSS Sues Apple For Patent Infringement



As a great man once said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Sadly when you’re talking about tech companies, and products worth billions of dollars, the answer is a resounding “no”.

The problem this time is another patent lawsuit against Apple — filed by DSS Technology Management, who provide wireless Bluetooth connections to a number of peripheral devices. The claim of parent company Document Security Systems is that Apple has infringed on two of its patents in products ranging from the iMac, Mac mini and forthcoming Mac Pro, to the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Apparently these devices all use a wireless communication system that employs “low duty cycle RF bursts” — a patented technology acquired by DSS in October.

The company is seeking one of Jony Ives’ limited edition Red Mac Pros and a cup of coffee with Tim Cook to make things right again.

No, just kidding. They want monetary damages and royalties.

Source: PC World

  • Paul Burt

    A patented technology they acquired last October? Nice try patent troll. This ain’t gonna end well for you.