Suggest Photos, Get Inspiration With Rad New OKDOTHIS App




Lost for photo inspiration? Fear not. Instead of just firing up Instagram and looking at great photos taken by other folks, you should launch the new OKDOTHIS app and follow along. The app tells you what to take a photo of, right there, and you just have to do what you’re told.

The idea is that great photo opportunities are all around you, and you just didn’t see them yet. The app will tell you to look up and shoot a photo above you, or to freeze and snap a picture without moving your iPhone, or some other thing you would never have thought of.

The neat part is that these suggestions come from other users, and you can follow people just like you follow folks on Instagram or Twitter. Not only can you see their pictures, but you can see their ideas, and you can of course share your own.

I just downloaded the app (it costs $2, thank God, so hopefully it won’t sell itself to Facebook for $5 billion) and I’m in the middle of checking it out. If you sign up, I’m mistercharlie as ever. I have a feeling this one’s going to be big.

Source: App Store