Match Three And Dress Up A Bird-Thing In Kiwi & Me [Review]


Kiwi & Me

Kiwi & Me is for girls.

Kiwi & Me by Beeline Interactive
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

The new free-to-play, match-three game from developer Beeline Interactive (the mobile arm of Capcom) has all the “swapping two things to form lines of other things” that you’ve seen in every other match-three title, but it’s all centered around an adorable little bird-thing named Kiwi who is looking for her lost mother.

Kiwi watches you solve the game’s puzzles, and every once in a while, you unlock a new accessory for her and dress her up. If you couldn’t tell, Capcom and Beeline are specifically targeting female casuals with this one, but that’s not to say that non-girl types can’t also appreciate it.

It’s cool. Nobody will judge you.

Kiwi & Me includes 75 puzzles with the standard swapping and clearing you’d expect. Matching four instead of three puts special pieces on the board that have different effects when you match them with others. You can also clear pieces in a T or L shape to open up more powerful pieces with greater board-clearing powers.

The game complicates things a bit by introducing hazards and obstacles. For example, the first ones are crystals that you must clear (by forming matches on top of them) in order to beat the level along with the standard minimum score requirements.

It’s all centered around an adorable little bird-thing named Kiwi who is looking for her lost mother.

OK, look — it’s a match-three game, and match-three things happen. And it’s cute. And you dress up a little bird thing. And it’s a lot of fun. The game, I mean. Not the dressing-up bit. Officially.

It does have a problem with crashes, though, especially when you’re trying to move a piece near the top of the screen and accidentally pull down the Notification Center tab. This consistently crashed the game and cost a “life” (essentially a credit to play the game) which you must wait or pay to replenish because free-to-play. So that’s a problem, and it’s hard to fully recommend the game in it’s current form. But when it works, it’s pretty good.

Kiwi & MeGame Name: : Kiwi & Me
The Good: Fun, addictive gameplay with a cute bird-thing to cheer you on.
The Bad: Frequent crashes cost progress and playtime.
The Verdict It’s adorable and a lot of fun, but it’ll be frustrating until the developer patches it.
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