Atlas Carbon Headphones: Compact Design And Clean Sound For The Budget-Conscious Audiophile #BlackFriday [Deals]



I’ve had a chance to test a number of headphones throughout the past year, and have grown more fond of the more traditional “over-ear” headphones during that time. As a regular podcaster – and as the person who edits those podcasts – having little to no bleed from outside sources has become increasingly important.

That said, I don’t want to spend a fortune on headphones, either. I want decent sound quality, the ability to wear them for a couple of hours comfortably, and compact portability. The Atlas Carbon Headphones by MEElectronics offer all three, which is rare. I was provided with a set to put through the paces, and was very happy with the results. (And Cult of Mac Deals just so happens to have the Atlas Carbon Headphones for 35% off the regular price – just $65 – during a very limited time offer. This promotion, however, is available only to continental USA customers.)

These headphones have just recently been released, and they look and feel good. The materials are durable and yet compact, meaning they won’t take up a ton of room in a backpack or bag (they come with a carrying pouch as well, so they stay protected on the go). MEElectronics is using a technology called “in-mold labeling”, which places multi-layer graphics on the headphones as they’re being made. What that means is that the design and finish on the Atlas Carbons resist scratching and fading, so they’ll continue to look good for a long time.

The sound the Atlas Carbon offers is clean, deep, and rich. I didn’t test the parameters of the bass too much, but in the brief moments where I did crank up the bass the headphones performed considerably well. The vented, ergonomic ComfortZone ear pads and adjustable headband made them more comfortable than I expected (considering how compact the Atlas Carbons are), so that was a pleasant surprise. I wore them for over two hours at a time while recording and editing podcasts and not once did I feel the need to remove them.

The cable is detachable and is flat in its construction, so kinks were a non-issue. There are controls on the cable, which offer hands-free phone conversation (although I never use over-ear headphones for phone calls – that’s what earbuds are for), as well the other usual suspects you’d find on most headphone cable controls (mute, raising and lowering volume, etc.).

The regular price of these headphones is $100, but Cult of Mac Deals has a special offer right now where you can get a pair for only $65. The Atlas Carbons are a great option for the budget-conscious audiophile (especially during this promotion) as they offer sound quality that is excellent for an over-ear headphone set for the price. Their compact and durable design makes them useful both at home and when traveling, and they aren’t as obnoxious-looking as a lot of the other headphones of their type on the market. So if you’re looking for a quality pair of headphones for the audiophile in your life (or perhaps even yourself), you can’t go wrong with The Atlas Carbon Headphones from MEElectronics.