“What Is This? A Social Network For Dogs?”



Just when you thought you had heard every wacky app concept going, here’s another you might not have considered: Facebook for dogs.

Okay, it’s not exactly Facebook, but the free Woof iOS app (from developer Woof Labs) is pretty much that — describing itself as “an ecosystem to bring dog lovers closer to their dogs and local dog communities.”

Since launching on October 25, Woof has gained more than 21,000 users around the world — enabling owners to create and manage profile pages for their pets, share photos, find local dogs parks, and connect with other canine lovers in the area.

As such it joins other Apple-related apps for the tech-loving pet owner, such as the iPhone controlled dog or cat feeder we reported on back in September.

Woof has already had one upgrade: a version 1.0.5 released on November 18, allowing you to add multiple dogs to one account, and easily switch between them.

Presumably version 1.0.6 will sort out other bugs, such as the fact that your dog still drinks out of the toilet despite having a perfectly good water bowl.

Source: App Store

Via: Phys.org