Diptic Video: Like Diptic… For Video


diptic vid

Ever wished that there was an app like Diptic, only it let you put videos together in a grid instead of just photos? No, me neither, but if we had, then we’d love Diptic video.

Diptic video does exactly what you’d expect. Just like the photo app, you choose a grid and then pick videos to go in the various sections. But as these are videos, you can tweak a few extra parameters. Videos can be set to loop, or to run forwards, then backwards, then forwards again… Forever. You can also trim clips to the right length, as well as zooming and rotating them, all while changing the positions of the borders between clips.

Then you can show the results to the grandparent of your choice and watch as their old-timey brains, brought up on the slow cuts of classic movies, go into meltdown.

Diptic video will cost you $2, and is the perfect way to avoid your family members today.

Source: Diptic Video