Roadtrippers Reveals All The Good Stuff Along Your Road Trip Route [Daily Freebie]




Ah, the open road. Nothing like some great tunes, an agreeable companion and endless blacktop to relieve the stress after — or enjoy a little peace before — that remote Thanksgiving gathering (note that I said a companion, as in singular; if you’ve got kids, I’m guessing you’ll probably want to fly).

Before you head out, you might want to do a little planning with something like Roadtrippers, a helpful site and accompanying iOS app that can show you hip, hidden or just plain weird points of interest along your planned route.

Roadtrippers is joyfully easy to use and really pretty slick. Just input your start point and destination, and up pops your route, along with mileage, total trip time and an estimate of how much you’ll spend on gas (though it’s probably not as accurate in this respect as the American Automobile Association’s more detailed Fuel Cost Calculator).

Once your route is set — you can fiddle around with waypoints and exactly which roads to take — Roadtrippers can show you places to eat, sleep or check out the scenery and/or weirdness (for instance, a favorite of mine, ghost towns). There’s even a tab for amusement parks if you decide to hit the road with the kids in tow.

And don’t forget to download you’re route to your iPhone, which will allow you to access turn-by-turn navigation. With the latest update you can also plan out trips on the app and then save them to your Roadtrippers account and access them through the full-blown site.

Source: Roadtrippers