Waterproof BikeConsole Smart Bicycle Mount Now Available For The iPhone 5s




Bike2Power has just added an iPhone 5s version to their line of ruggedized, weather-sealed BikeConsole Smart Mounts for bicycles. The lineup already has a version for the 5 and 5c, but the new 5s model allows access to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Once the iPhone is popped in and the case snapped shut, the $70 mount (currently on sale at $56) attached to handlebar and can be set in either a landscape or portrait orientation. Bike2Power also added a silicone liner inside the case to provide some shock absorption in the event of a mishap. The company says all the buttons and ports remain accessible, as does the camera.

Added features include an anti-glare screen cover and a design that ports the speaker and the microphone access up through the top of the case, which Bike2Power says enhances mic and sound performance.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t yet mean an iPhone 5s version for Bike2Power’s Power Plus Mount cases, which are basically the same idea but with a massive, ride-extending 3,000 mAh battery attached; we hope, however, that’s coming next.

Source: Bike2Power