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Apple Posts Teaser For One-Day Black Friday Sale



Thanksgiving is almost here, which means its time for the sacred American tradition of Black Friday sales madness. Apple hates to hand out big discounts on its premium products, but even Cupertino can’t resist offering a few Black Friday sales, and its already starting to promote this years deal with a new promo page.

Apple has posted a teaser image on its Australian site for its upcoming sale on Friday, November 29th that promises free shipping to anyone who buys something from on Friday.

Black Friday started as a major shopping day in the U.S. the day after Thanksgiving, but more international retailers have started to embrace the sales day as well. We’re still waiting to see what kind of modest deals Apple will offer, but if last year is any indication, don’t expect to be blown away. Here are the price cuts Apple had last year:

  • MacBook Pros – $101 off
  • MacBook Airs – $101 off
  • 64GB iPad 4 – $61 off
  • 32GB iPad 4 – $51 off
  • 16GB iPad 4 – $41 off
  • 16GB iPad 2 – $31 off
  • 64GB iPod Touch – $41 off
  • 32GB iPod Touch – $31 off
  • iPod Nano – $11 off
  • AirPort Express – $11 off
  • AirPort Extreme – $21 off
  • Time Capsule – $21 off
  • Magic Mouse – $11 off
  • Magic Trackpad – $11 off
  • Wireless Keyboard – $11 off

Source: Apple