Rickshaw Sleeve for iPad Air



Rickshaw Bags, the finest bag-maker in San Francisco, will now sell you a plush-lined sleeve for your iPad Air. I have tested the mini version and I loved it, although I’d say it’s actually better suited to the bigger iPad thanks to the fact that the mini looks after itself so well, even when left naked and cold in the basement of a dark messenger bag.

sleeve There’s very little to say about the sleeve, other than that you should opt for one of the Performance Tweed options when you’re designing your bag on the Rickshaw site. In fact, the natty new houndstooth option looks great too.

The sleeves are tight-ish fitting (there’s space for a Smart Cover, or you can use it without), have a plush lining that will have you shoving your fat mitts in there more often than is decent, and work to protect your iPad in transit. The soft lining also serves to keep the iPad’s screen smudge-free.

The price for this awesomely simple sleeve is just $40.

Source: Rickshaw