Meteor Automatically Erases Photos You No Longer Need, Or Want




Meteor is a $1 app with a brilliant, simple solution to a common problem no one seems to have addressed until now — and it’ll almost certainly unclutter your phone.

As demonstrated repeatedly, the iPhone’s camera is a legitimate tool for making great photos. But it’s probably far more often used for taking “throw-away” photos: pictures snapped to record information, to show your bestie the boil that suddenly appeared on your thigh, or snapshots of your cat licking her butt to entertain your friends on Facebook.

Instead of cluttering up your iPhone with boils and cat butts, Meteor will erase any images snapped using it after a set time — photos can be set to expire after anywhere from one to 30 days after being taken, in one-day increments. And if you change your mind, any photo you subsequently decide to permanently keep can still be saved to the iPhone’s Camera Roll.

It’s a simple, spartan app, only garnished with what’s needed — a button to turn the flash on or off, an option to choose front or back camera and a library of all the photos snapped with the app that haven’t expired and disappeared yet.

Source: Stay Kids