How To Export And Print Any Region Or Location From Maps App [OS X Tips]


Honolulu PDF

If you’re headed to a location where you’re not sure of the cell reception, sending a Map to your iPhone or iPad from Mavericks is obviously of little use.

If you need to get a PDF of a section of the map so you can print it out, or just send it to your iPhone for offline access, it’s fairly simple. Like any other app on Mac OS X, you can print Maps using the standard dialog, or–with Maps in Mavericks–you can simply export to PDF.

Open the Maps app on your Mac, and find the area you want to export or print. If you want to print it, simply hit Command-P or choose Print from the File menu. You’ll get the standard print dialog, and you can go from there, either printing to paper, or saving as a PDF.

If you just want a PDF, head up to the File menu, and click. Select Export PDF from the menu, and then name the file, saving it somewhere you’ll remember. Now you can wither send that file to your iPhone or a friend via email, iMessage, or other Sharing links, right from the Finder.

Via: OS X Daily