How To Easily Refresh Shared Links With Your Keyboard In Safari Mavericks [OS X Tips]


Refresh Shared Links

The new Shared Links feature in OS X Mavericks is a great way to keep track of what your friends and connections on social networks are sharing. Unfortunately, if you want to refresh that list, you need to use a menu to do so (View > Update Shared Links). There is no easy keyboard shortcut built in to Safari to do this.

Luckily, Reuben Engel over at Tips and Tricks in Mavericks has come up with a pretty cool idea: make a custom keyboard shortcut for this process.

Launch System Preferences on your Mac, and then click on the Keyboard icon, launching that preference pane. Next, click on the Shortcuts tab at the top, and then App Shortcuts in the list to the left. Click on the Plus sign at the bottom to add a new app shortcut, and choose Safari from the pop-up list of Applications.

Name your new shortcut in the next field with the exact menu item–Update Shared Links–and then choose a keyboard shortcut that isn’t already in use, like Command-Shift-R, in this case. Click on Add, quit out of System Preferences. The next time you use Safari, then, you’ll be able to refresh those shared links without having to take your hands from the keyboard. Hooray!

Via: Tips and Tricks in Mavericks