v2.0 Beta Of iFlicks Movie-Tidying And Converting App Now Available



One of the essential parts in my RSS-BitTorrent-iPad TV-watching setup is iFlicks, a Mac app from Jendrik Bertram that takes a video file, adds cover art and movie/show metadata and then converts the file into an iTunes or iPad-friendly format. It even adds in subtitles if you have them in the same folder as the video file.

Now v2.0 has launched its public beta stage, so you can try out the faster, better and more powerful-er next version.

IFlicks is great, as it not only makes your TV shows and movies look professional, it does it fast. These days, most downloaded files are already in the iOS-friendly MP4 format, only they’re wrapped in a container that iOS won’t recognize. This or they have MP3 or other non AAC soundtracks. If the video is already compatible, iFlicks will just re-wrap it, a process that takes mere seconds. And subtitle support is flawless, taking any SRT files it finds with the movie and adding them as “soft” subtitles, which can be turned on and off in the player software.

You can also set up watch folders to have iFlicks automatically add and process new files according to your rules (including post-processing actions), and the app now also offers better subtitle support and support for chapters in movies.

Like I said, it’s pretty great. I’ll be checking out the new release to see if it runs as smoothly and flawlessly for me as the original version. And if you don’t like beta software, then grab the current release, v1.4.

Source: iFlicks