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Grippy SlipStopper iPad Mini Skin Really Does Stop Slips [Review]



Slip Stopper bySlipStopper
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Works With:iPads Mini
Price: $29

When I opened up the package containing the SlipStopper, there was a little card inside from my contact Mark. It read “Try sticking your iPad mini on a window, great party trick :)”

I don’t go to may parties these days, but I tried it at home and in the office and there reaction was the same both times: amazement — quickly followed by fear.

What It Is

The SlipStopper isn’t just for window sticking. It’s for everything sticking. The SlipStopper is a gel skin that sticks to the back of the iPad mini, adding a slightly padded and very friction-y layer. It’s not as paper thin as you might hope, but neither is it a thick wodge of foam like some skins I’ve tried. And despite adding a little thickness and weight to the iPad mini, it’s totally worth it in terms of ease of use.

The Good


The mini is small but slippery, and the SlipStopper fixes the latter quite well. There are the party tricks, and the fact that you can now put the iPad pretty much anywhere without it sliding off, but the best part is the extra grip it provides for your fingers. Not only is it easier to carry, it’s also much handier in the hand, as it were. Instead of gripping the iPad ll the time ’twixt thumb and fingers, you can let it rest on your fingers – even at a steep angle – and use your thumb for navigation.

The Bad


If you want to use the mini and SlipStopper to read whilst they’re perched on your knee, the you’re out of luck. The SlipStopper doesn’t grip pants very well at all. To be sure, it’s way better than the bare iPad, but it slides off corduroy and denim easily enough. Shorts-wearing Floridians, on the other hand, will have it easy. Your bare thighs and their accompanying sheen of sweat will grip the SlipStopper just fine.

The Verdict

I’d prefer the SlipStopper to be a little thinner, and also to look a little less like a glossy cake frosting, but in use those doubts go away. The skin really does make it easier to hold, and you can put the iPad onto the lid of your toilet without worrying that it’ll drop onto the hard tiled floor.

Is it worth almost $30? Sure, why not?


Product Name: : Slip Stopper

The Good: Great for party tricks, and also for solo use. Grippy, a genuine improvement to iPad usability.

The Bad: Looks like cake frosting. Adds tiny but perceptibly to weight and thickness.

The Verdict Mine’s staying on until I get a new retina mini. Then we’ll see.

Buy from: SlipStopper



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