Runtime For iPhone With Gorgeous Visuals, 3-D Flyover Maps And M7 Support



Runtime stands out above other run-tracking iPhone apps thanks to its great design: it’s not – like most other apps – fugly as hell. It also use the iPhone 5S’s M7 MoCoPro to track you even when you’re walking.

I’m pretty excited to see what will become of the M7, and how it’ll be used. I like to track my bike rides, for example, and to know where I’ve been when exploring a new city or just gone out taking photos. But I don’t want to run down my battery with a GPS when I don’t need it.

Runtime comes close, letting you use it as a run tracker (whilst burning the GPS radio), but also acting as a pedometer, pulling in data from the M7 on launch to show you now many steps you have taken.

But as I mentioned, it’s the design which really stands out here. You various routes are shown by map thumbnails, pace graphs and other info get a super-simple vector-like view, and you can even view your routes in a cool 3-D flyover view: the advantage of having a supercomputer in your pocket I guess.

Runtime costs just $3.

Source: iTunes