Amazon Lets You Customize You Kindle Cover With Your Own Photos


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While it isn’t strictly Apple news, I thought I’d let you know about Amazon’s cool new feature for Kindle covers anyway. After all, plenty of us have Kindles to read when we leave out nerd caves and head out into the sunlight, right?

So what has Amazon done that’s worth writing about? Exactly what Apple should do: Covers personalized with your own photos.

I love my Smart Cover, but sometimes I get a little bored looking at it. I have considered taking a Sharpie to the cute vinyl canvas, but can never decide where to begin. But if I could print my own iPhoneographs on there I’d be pretty happy.

And now I can, but only for my Kindle Paperwhite. There are a few different cases compatible with the new printing process, including Amazon’s own good-but-heavy leather case, and all you need to do to customize it his hit the button on the product page and upload some photos. The printing is done by Cafe Press, and the price is the same as if you’d bought a plain cover.

I can’t see Apple doing this any time soon, but I’d love to see some tattoos for the Smart Covers. Or maybe I should just go buy that Sharpie.

Source: Amazon

  • Truffol

    Customization/Personalization is definitely an emerging trend…From the color options on the Moto X smartphone, to customized iPhone cases, to this, just make sure you picked a picture you’d be happy starring at for at least 6-12 months!

    Apple had it done right when they allowed laser engraving on the back of iPods – made them awesome gift choices. Not sure why they would take it away for the iPhone…