Curator, A Beautifully-Design Scrapbook For iPad



It’s hard to describe Curator for iPad as anything other than a digital scrapbook… In a good way. It lets you pull in snippets and content from pretty much anywhere, presenting them in a clean grid layout. If you ever used Evernote to collect a stuff together on one place for a project, you might consider Curator instead.

The strengths of Curator are its ease-of-use (you just tap and drag to move things around and add new notes), and its breadth of sources. You can import images from your camera, your camera roll, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive or a straight image search on the web.

You can also add simple text notes, and even live web pages, and add notes to anything that’s not already a note. And you can share any of your individual notes directly from the app using the standard sharing dialogs (including AirDrop).

It’s pretty great, with some obvious features lacking. You’re stuck in the app, for example, which means you can’t bulk export or sync your work. Nor can you use it in landscape mode.

But Curator is free, letting your create up to five notebooks, after which you can pay to get more boards.

Source: Curator