Obama: Buying Health Insurance Will Never Be As Easy As Buying A Song On iTunes


Maybe the coolest, most tech savvy president ever.
Maybe the coolest, most tech savvy president ever.
Photo: The White House

To ease the minds of millions of Americans worried about their health insurance, Obama held a press conference today and admitted that his administration fumbled the launch of Healthcare.gov. Continuing his speech with optimism, Obama then turned to his favorite tech company – Apple – as an example, saying everybody needs to chillax and that buying health insurance won’t ever be as easy as purchasing a song from iTunes.

The Obama Administration has been under heavy fire the last few months thanks to the disastrous rollout of Healthcare.gov and has pulled a couple Apple metaphors out of his hat to cope with the mess.

Obama’s not the only one in Washington looking to Apple for inspiration with the Healtcare.gov mess though. The GOP released a series of attack ads that spoof Apple’s famous “Mac vs. PC” campaign. Take a look:

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  • jeffythequick

    Those commercials pretty much sum it up.

    If Apple sells crap, and no one buys it, they go out of business.
    If the US Government forces you to buy crap, and no one does, they demand more money to fix it until they have Crap 2.0, 3.0, Crap 95, Crap 98, Crap ME…

    If you stop, think, and take care of yourself, it doesn’t matter what the government does. Maybe then, you’ll realize that for the last 100 years, the paradigm has shifted from locals taking care of each other to a nameless, faceless bureaucrat doing it for you. Note: People weren’t dying in the streets back then. Churches and family took care of people. But you couldn’t be a demanding jerk to them.

  • lwdesign1

    I’m offended that Obama has used Apple twice as part of a justification of why the Obamacare site ISN’T WORKING. Apple has used “It just works” for years as a tag line and marketing message for its products, so to try to lessen the apparent severity of an unmitigated screwup by the people in charge, we’re just asked to accept it. It seems to be business as usual from the Obama administration, with half-baked ideas that sound great on the surface, but when brought into the real world are full of problems, holes and create even larger problems than what they were trying to solve.

    Apple is a highly successful private company with an amazing track record. I leave it to your own observation of US economy, etc. as to the Obama administration’s track record.