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Tiny GPS Cookie Logger Runs On AAA Batteries And Uses MicroSD Cards




Richard Haberkern’s new GPS Cookie looks like a great little data logger for photographers, and a nice tracker for bikers, hikers and vacationers. It’s a tiny little puck which does nothing but detect GPS satellites and record it’s location periodically, so you can just switch it on an forget it.

There are a few things I love about this Kickstarter. First is that it really is super focussed in its purpose: GPS logging. Second is compatibility: it uses AAA batteries and a microSD card to do its stuff, so you can easily extend battery life and also easily import the log files. It even hooks up to an Arduino controller if you want to get nerdy.

Why log? Why not? I use a Garmin bike GPS whenever I go on a vacation, a break, or even just a visit to a new town or city. That way I can see where I went, and view the route years later. And I can geotag any photos I took using a regular non-GPS-equipped camera.

The files will open direct in Google Earth, or can be easily converted to the format of your choice, and then imported into the relevant photo or maps app.

The GPS Cookie will cost you $79, with cheaper options available for early backers.

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Thanks: Richard!