Google not worried about Apple’s Quattro acquisition



It seems pretty clear that Apple and Google are planning for a ruckus in the mobile app space. Google picked up mobile ad company AdMob in November, right under Apple’s noses; Apple responded by acquiring one of AdMob’s biggest competitors, Quattro Wireless.

Google, on their part, seems pretty blase about the upcoming battle, though. Over on the Google Public Policy Blog, group product manager Paul Feng wrote:

When we announced our planned acquisition of AdMob in November, we noted that the mobile advertising space is highly competitive — with more than a dozen mobile ad networks.  In fact, the experts at MobiThinking recently called mobile advertising a “very fragmented” space, in which “no ad network is dominant” and “no one really knows what ad network is biggest.”

Today’s news that Apple is acquiring one of AdMob’s competitors, Quattro Wireless, is further proof that the mobile advertising space continues to be competitive.  And with more investments and acquisitions in the space, including from established players like Apple and Google, that’s a sign that vigorous growth and competition will continue. That’s ultimately great for users, advertisers and publishers alike.

In truth, there’s room for both Google and Apple in the mobile ad space: Apple will be happy if they can establish control the in-app advertising on their mobile touchscreen devices, while Google will be happy to control the rest of the market. Business isn’t a kilted sword fight amongst Queen-backed space vampires, after all. There can be more than one.