Jive Shower Speaker Really Sucks




At just $40, I can’t help but think that the water resistant Jive is anything more than adequate when it comes to sound, especially as it packs Bluetooth 4, AVRCP (for remote control from your iPhone) and a 500mAh battery (good for four hours). But given its likely use case, this doesn’t really matter. Because the Jive is the modern-day shower radio.

The Jive is packed with features: it has a mic for hands-free calling direct from the bathroom (or to shout your ideas to Siri when inspiration strikes you in the shower), volume and play/pause buttons (unlike the Jambox) and a big fat suction cup on the bottom. This will let you stick it to the shower wall for a waterlogged karaoke session or a short burst of in-cubicle podcast listening.

That sucker can also stick to your iPad, making it into a handy music-pumping stand, or a great way to boost the iPad’s sound while you play games on it.

So you see, it’s a pretty versatile little blob for just $40, and it even comes in a range of colors that would make the Teletubbies want to put on sunglasses. What are you waiting for?

Source: Digital Treasures

Thanks: Jaclyn!