Coburns, Pocket-Friendly Magnetic Hardwood Stands For Any iPad




Coburns might sound like some kind of hippie Portland-based cooperative for growing sideburns aka. “mutton chops” aka. “bugger grips,” but it’s anything but: Coburns are a pair of hardwood kickstands for the iPad, and they mix in two of my favorite ingredients: frikkin’ magnets, and felted wool.

Snap the Coburns apart and the riveted felt keychain strap falls from the hole that’s formed between them by the iPad-shaped gap gouged from each side. The wooden widgets then clip onto the iPad’s edges and form a kind of cantilevered kickstand. What’s more, these can be slid up and down the sides of the iPad to set almost infinitely variable angles, from low-down typing to steep movie viewing.

There are four sizes and two woods to choose from. The Coburns will fit both iPads mini, plus the iPad 3/4 and the new Air. And you can pick from blond bird’s eye maple and the darker Pau Ferro.

Price? $19, with delivery on this Kickstarter project planned for December in this year 2013.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Eric!