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Slope Stand Offers Maximum Minimality For Your iPad



The Slope is similar to the MiStand I reviewed yesterday, only it goes long on style and short on utility. It’s essentially a bent piece of aluminum with sticky pads on each side, and it holds your iPad, hovering, above your desk.

It’s easy to like the Slope: It’s beautiful, simple and makes your iPad look like a tiny iMac. It’s also available in two sizes, one for the mini and one for bigger iPads (at $55 and $60 respectively). I’m completely sold on the magnetic MiStand and its infinite viewing angles, but if yo want to spend the same money for one angle and no swivel, then the Slope is for you.
Like the MiStand, and my other favorite stand the PadPivot, the Slope uses nanofoam to do its sticking. This is like a sheet of teeny-tiny suction cups that grip onto smooth surfaces with surprising tenacity, over and over again. The Slope has a sticker for both the iPad and for the desk, keeping it firmly rooted at all times.

And you can buy one right now.

Source: Dekke