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Apple’s Top Secret Deal With Samsung To Build A-Series Chips In Upstate New York



With the new Mac Pro, Apple has proven its serious about bringing at least some manufacturing back to the States. The next step, though, is chips, and a new report says that Apple is bringing chip fabrication of its A-series chips stateside at a new $6 billion facility in upstate New York. And Samsung is said to be involved.

According to the Albany Times Union, Apple is looking to build a fab in upstate New York in a deal between Cupertino and California-based GlobalFoundries. The location is said to be Malta, New York.

The idea here is to wean themselves off of dependency on Samsung when it comes to building their A-series processors. Ironically, though, Samsung is believed to be involved in the Apple-GlobalFoundries deal, helping the two ramp up production. This makes sense, as Samsung not only has a long history building A-series chips, but knows quite a bit about ARM chip fabrication as a whole.

This isn’t the first time Malta has been floated as a potential site for Apple chip fabricatiom, though previous rumors suggested Apple would be partnering with Taiwan-based TSMC to build chips at the site. Other rumors suggested that Apple would invest $10 billion in a top secret chip fab in Oregon, which was codenamed Project Azalea.

Source: Albany Times Union