Beautiful Leather And Paracord Camera Strap May Be The Last Strap You Ever Need



If you can get over the fact that you’re paying $89 for a strip of paracord with a pair of leather end caps, you are going to love Killspencer’s new camera strap: it’s absolutely gorgeous, and probably weighs less than your iPod nano.

The simply-named Camera Strap is fashioned by hand in Killspencer’s LA workshop, and consists of 48-inches of paracord threaded into hand-sewn and riveted bridle leather caps, and joins to your camera using split rings.

Even I balk at the price of this, and I use a Leica camera strap on my Fujifilm X100S that cost me something like €50–60 ($67–80) after shipping. But a part of me sees that this might be the last strap I ever buy, and that’s tempting at any price.

Available now in black, with black or brown leather.

Source: Killspencer
Thanks: Spencer!

  • patrickahles

    Even though this post (again) has nothing to do whatsoever with Apple:

    This big round cord looks incredibly uncomfortable for your neck…

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    Even though this post (again) has nothing to do whatsoever with Apple:…