Tree-hugger Audiophiles Take Note: Thinksound Debuts Their First Wooden Cans, The On1




All of Thinksound’s earphones encompass three basic principles: They’re made of wood; they’re given the sort of pro-green marketing and manufacturing attention that would satisfy even the most spirited hippy; and they offer big, warm sound for a relatively small price.

But aside from its requisite earthy wooden elements and green cred, Thinksound’s new supra-aural On1 studio monitors is taking the small company into uncharted territory.

To be sure, we haven’t tried the new set; but the fact that Thinksound has designated the On1 as studio monitors means they’ll almost certainly sound more balanced than the ts02+mic canalphones we tried a few years back. Another big departure is the On1’s $300 pricetag — about triple what the company’s canalphones go for.

Included in that price is all the good stuff you’d expect: 40mm drivers in handcrafted wood housings, two sets of Kevlar-reinforced cables (one with mic and playback control) and memory foam earpads.

In an attempt to highlight the On1’s ability to withstand abuse, here’s a brief clip featuring Thinksound CEO Aaron Fournier abusing a pair. Hopefully you won’t have reason to throw a set against a wall.

Source: Thinksound