The iPhone 5/5S Accessory Bundle: Get Two Cases And Headphones With Free Shipping [Deals]


CoM - Spark

Do you have a brand new iPhone 5S? Want to protect that beautiful piece of hardware but still want to show off its shiny gold or silver backing? This Cult of Mac Deals offer gets you not one, but two protective, minimalist cases that won’t hide your phone’s backside.

The iPhone 5/5S Accessory Bundle includies the Ice and Dry Ice iPhone 5/5S cases and the new Spark In-Ear Headphones – and all for just $57.99 during this limited time offer.

Please note: This offer is only available to customers in the continental United States. The sale price includes shipping and all sales are final.

Here’s what you’ll get in this bundle:

  • The ICE Case: A two-piece crystal clear polycarbonate case that gives you reliable protection while still preserving the look and feel of your iPhone.
  • The DRY ICE Case: A two-piece soft-grip polycarbonate case that features a “frosted” glass finish and improved grip from the soft rubber coating.
  • A set of new SPARK In-Ear Headphones: High-definition in-ear headphones that deliver full, resonating bass, intense mid-range, and clear, defined treble sure to bring a smile to any audiophile’s face. With precision acoustics, unique, modern design, and precise ergonomic fit, these headphones come ready to play.

Compare the New Spark headphones with the higher priced Klipsch S4 earbuds or Bose ie2 earbuds (id America told us to) and we think you’ll agree it’s at or above the bar set by those two huge name brands. Similarly, we looked at the Incase Snap Case, priced higher than the Ice and Dry Ice cases, and if there was any apparent difference, we didn’t see it.

All three of these products look, feel, and perform like they should cost way more than they do. When we find companies that take pride in their offerings and stay competitive with pricing, it’s difficult not to endorse them, and that’s exactly what id America has done here.

But this deal won’t last forever. So get your hands on The iPhone 5/5S Accessory Bundle for only $57.99 from Cult of Mac Deals by heading to the Deals page and add some freshness to your new iPhone 5/5S at a fraction of the regular price!