Ultra-Light Lioncase Now Available For The iPad Air



Good news for lovers of extremely light, slim and functional iPad cases: Lioncase’s Folio Shield has been updated to fit the extremely light, slim and functional iPad Air. Regular readers will recall that the Lioncase cases are some of my favorite iPad cases of all.

The Folio Shield distinguishes itself by being both feather-light, and also integrating a stand. The front flap (which has a sleep/wake magnet) will fold up into a wedge like the Smart Cover, but this front panel continues around the spine and joins the rest of the case in a hinge halfway along the back. This then turns the front panel into a sturdy base so that the iPad can be propped up even on uneven surfaces or soft bedding.

The case is made from faux leather, with a microfiber lining, and the iPad itself is held in a thin plastic tray. In my experience, this tray is the weak point, with repeated drops eventually causing the corners to crack.

Weight has always been important with iPad cases, but now that the Air is almost as light as the Mini, it’s doubly so (or “halfly” so?). I can se myself sticking to a Smart Cover when I eventually succumb to buying an Air, but I’m certainly going to give the Lioncase a shot.

Source: Lioncase
Thanks: Ms. Fish Lee

  • yourmapper

    That’s great but can you list the weight of the cover? It’s not in this article or the Lioncase site. And how does it compare to the weight of Apple’s smart cover (which I think is 4 oz.)?