Wanted A Gold iPad? Get One From Goldgenie From Just $1,860



After Apple announced the iPhone 5s in gold, we felt sure that the latest iPads would be available in the same color, but that wasn’t to be the case. But don’t be disappointed. As long as you have lots of spare cash that you’re itching to spend, you can buy a gold-plated iPad Air or iPad mini from Goldgenie with prices starting at just $1,860.

That’s how much it’ll cost for a 16GB gold or “rose gold” iPad mini, while a 16GB iPad Air will cost you $1,871. If you already have one of these devices, then you can send that in for gold plating instead and save yourself a little bit of cash, with prices starting at just over $1,300.

“Delivered in a beautiful customised piano finished box, the iPad Air also makes an unforgettable ready-to-go gift – whether for a loved one or high-end corporate contact,” Goldgenie says. The company already boasts clients like Denzel Washington and Usain Bolt.

Goldgenie offers gold iPhones, too, with the iPhone 5s starting at a whopping $3,289. And that isn’t even for the high-end model; there’s one with “Swarovski style” crystals embedded in its top and bottom bezels that’ll cost you $3,965.

Beats waiting for your local Apple store to get gold stock, right?

Source: Goldgenie

Via: Electronista

  • tool022611

    That thing is ugly, good thing apple didn’t do a gold ipad. Even though the color is way off, I don’t even see the champagne color would look as good as the 5s.

  • Truffol

    Unfortunately, Apple’s releasing of the (champagne) gold 5s probably killed a lot of these “gold iDevice” companies. It’s a matter of time before the iPad Air and Mini come out in gold as well (provided the gold iPhone does well…which seems to be the case so far especially in Asian countries!)