iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c Now Available On Boost Mobile



As expected, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c are now available on Boost Mobile — alongside the iPhone 4S. The former starts at $550 for a 16GB model, while the iPhone 5c is $100 less at $450. The iPhone 4S starts at just $300.

But if you pick up your new handset before November 24, you’ll get a cool $100 off that price.

We first heard Apple’s new smartphones were coming to Boost way back in September — shortly after their release — when the ever-reliable @evleaks published leaked images of Boost’s iPhone posters on Twitter.

Since then, Virgin Mobile became the first prepaid carrier in the United States to offer both devices, and Cricket became the second back in October. Now those who were waiting for the handsets to come to Boost can finally pick one up — and with a nice discount if they upgrade early.

CNET reports that Boost is offering a $100 discount on all models to those who order before November 24. But there is a catch (well, two, actually): You must be switching from another carrier to qualify for the deal, and it’s only available in-store.