Maclocks Announce “World’s First iPad Air Enclosure”



We just brought you a review of Maclocks’ MacBook Pro lock, and today we come bearing news that Maclocks is now taking pre-orders on the world’s first iPad Air enclosure, available December 2.

“Excitement was high at the Maclocks office,” says Maclocks general manager Alexander Gad. “It reminded us all [of] when the iPad Mini first launched. The new iPad Air’s slim lightweight design presented us with similar challenges and the drive to create an iPad Air Enclosure to match, which we did!”

With a reputation for creating some of the best lockable display solutions for iOS and Mac devices around, this product line may just be worth taking advantage of — because as tragic as it is to lose any new gadget, that goes double when you’re talking about a tablet some have referred to as the best ever created.

And because you know that Jony Ive would die a little inside if he saw you protecting your iPad Air in an ugly case.