How To Use Control Center In iOS 7 To Save Battery Life [iOS Tips]


Control Center Battery

There are tons of opinions and facts out there about conserving your iPhone’s battery life, some of them contradictory. The fact remains, however, that you can save your precious battery with a few toggles to your settings, and now with iOS 7 you can do so quite easily.

Control Center makes it much easier to turn functions on and off, making saving your battery a no-brainer for lazy folks like myself.

First of all, dimming your iPhone screen lowers your battery usage. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to activate Control Center and slide the brightness control to the left to darken your screen.

Leaving Bluetooth and WiFi on is said to take up some battery power, as well, which is also an easy fix from the Control Center. I simply slide the Control Center up, tap the Bluetooth and WiFi icons to off when I don’t need them, and tap them on when I do. It’s a perfectly valid way to save a bit of juice.

Apple does, however, say to use WiFi instead of cellular data when doing data-intensive tasks, so keep that in mind, as well. Tap WiFi on if you’re downloading a big file or watching Netflix, for example.

Finally, AirDrop is accessible from the Control Center as well, so swipe up and tap that puppy off if you’re not AirDropping. Apple doesn’t mention it on its battery life page, but several other sites do, so it probably can’t hurt.

Source: Apple