This Denim-Covered FabFolio Wallet Case For iPhone 5 Is Strikingly Useful [Review]



When going out in the evening, I don’t need all my shopping loyalty cards, my library card, or stacks of other such plastic ephemera mucking up the smooth line of my pockets, so I tend to opt for a less is more approach: my debit card, my ID, and a couple of dollars in cash.

FabFolio for iPhone 5S/5 by PureGear
Category: iPhone Cases
Works With: iPhone 5, iPhone 5S
Price: $29.99

I’ve always wanted a way to carry these few things together with my iPhone, foregoing wallet altogether for a unified experience, but have always found other wallet cases too bulky or restricting.

PureGear’s FabFolio, however, reaches that delicate balance between useful, good-looking, and thin. It’s definitely worth a spin in your pocket if you’re looking for something to fill a similar need.

DSC04973The FabFolio I reviewed is a covered by a nice tactile denim fabric, with a slight padding on the front side. The clasp holding it all together snaps to the front or back (when open) with a solid yet not overly strong magnetic click.

My iPhone 5 nestles quite easily into the blue plastic frame that holds it in place without a wiggle or struggle. It’s easily removed from this case, as well, which is great for those of us who use a docking station to charge our iPhones or play music in a stand. The FabFolio should work equally well with a newer iPhone 5S, as well.

The wallet portion of the FabFolio is its hidden genius: there’s only enough room for three credit card-sized objects in there, one in each of the two wallet slots on the back of the front panel, and one behind those two, where I generally keep cash or the one extra card I might need on any given trip.

The FabFolio reaches that delicate balance between useful, good-looking, and thin.

The bulk of the wallet was my main concern when I first opened the packaging, but so far, the FabFolio slides in out of my jeans pockets easily. If you wear skinny jeans and keep your iPhone in a front pocket, the fit might be tight, but I’ve been impressed so far with the usability of this case.

DSC04970The other feature the FabFolio has is a kick stand style arrangement that lets you set your iPhone on its side, tilted a bit back, on a flat surface for easy, hands-free viewing. It’d be perfect for a plane ride or set up on an office desk to play music with and still see the album art. Not an essential feature by any means, but a nice one.

Bottom line, there are a lot of different wallet-style cases out there in the same price range as this FabFolio one, but it’s the best mix of usefulness and design that I’ve seen. I’ve been using this case for about a week now, and I’m not really keen on giving it up.

DSC04972Product Name: FabFolio for iPhone 5S/5
The Good: A well-designed wallet-style case with just enough room for a minimal amount of items.
The Bad: If you need to carry more than two cards and some cash, you’re out of luck.
The Verdict For the price, it’d be hard to find a better case to carry a small amount of wallet stuff along with your iPhone 5. The fabric cover and kick stand functionality kicks it up a notch, as well.
Buy from: PureGear