Retro Classic Amiga Shooter Battle Squadron Arrives For OS X


16-bit joy, right here.
16-bit joy, right here.

The Commodore Amiga has become a classic target for nostalgic gamers to relive their early gaming experiences. iOS has seen its fair share of releases from the retro computing platform, including Battle Squadron One, Alien Breed, Babylonian Twins, and Defender of the Crown, just to name a few. There are several more in the works, as well.

Today, however, developer Cope-Com announced the release of classic two-player shoot-em-up, Battle Squadron, for OS X and PC. It follows up a successful iOS release in 2011 as well as one for Android in 2012.

Not only that, but Battle Squadron is returning to Amiga, with a version available for Amiga OS 4.X, which sort of brings the whole thing full circle.

Battle Squadron is available via download for about $14, or as a special collectors’ edition (pre-order for $34), which has the signatures of the original developers on it. This special edition contains versions for all desktop versions, which is an exact replica of the original game, with some extra new features thrown in for the fans.

Whichever edition you choose, you’ll get a sweet two-player spaceship shooter game with all the trimmings that you can play right on your Mac. Not too shabby for a game that’s been around since 1989.

You can also get Battle Squadron for iOS on the App Store for $3.99, though it won’t include two-player action.

Source: Cope-Com