Lollipod, The Long Yet Lightweight Tripod You Can Carry Everywhere



The Lollipod is a portable trips that’s meant to come along with your where other tripod couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t. It’s an ultra lightweight camera stand that works with anything from an iPhone to a GoPro to a real camera.

The Lollipod is more like a lighting stand than a conventional tripod, with legs that flip through 180˚ from their stowed position to full extension – although if you want it to actually stand up you’ll stop somewhere between 90˚ and 120˚. The closed length is 32cm (just over a foot) and it extends to 113cm, or around 44 inches. It weighs 320 grams (11 ounces) and can hold up to 420 grams (0.9 pounds).


The best part, tough, is the mesh bag. When not being used to dangle the whole lightweight setup from your belt, it doubles as a net that is slung between the legs so you can add weight to stabilize the tripod.

The head will work with anything that has a standard tripod mount, and there are adapters to let you mount phones and oddly-shaped cameras directly.

The price is $55.66, but you can get it for $48 for a little while.

Source: Lollipod
Via: Petapixel